About This Gig

Services that I'll offer 

1.Complete responsiveness 

2. High definition Pictures that I'll use

3. User friendly Admin panel with video tutorials

4. Fully Seo optimized Permalinks

5. Secured WordPress website

6. Social Media integration like Facebook, Instagram etc

7. Subscription Form Mailchimp etc.

8. Online store or online shop and Ecommerce

9. Popup on the website when some one load

10. Google maps and contact form integration

11. Live chat functionality


About The Seller

From : Turkey

Member Since : June 05, 2019

Response Time : 1 Day(s)

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Last Online : Today

Seller Level : Level 1

Gig Created At : June 06, 2019

Orders In Progress : 0

Gig Tags : Website Design,WordPress

Seller Rating : 100%

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