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Hi there ,

Looking for a professional business card? You've found the right person!

What you will receive:

1. Unique initial design concept.

2. UNLIMITED developments/revisions until you're 100% happy !

3. 100% original vector Business card.

4. A professional Business card design created by someone with over 4 years commercial experience.

5. Quality customer service and communication at all times.

6. A range of color options on your final design.

7. A full Business card file package including all files for printing and the original source files.

8. Free QR code


About The Seller

From : Romania

Member Since : June 05, 2019

Response Time : 1 Day(s)

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Last Online : 8 hrs, 42 mins ago

Seller Level : Level 1

Gig Created At : June 04, 2019

Orders In Progress : 0

Gig Tags : Business Card

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